Faces of FirstLine

“My favorite part about Fall Fest is the treats!” -LHA 1st Grader, Sirmyron, as Iron Man


“I’m excited, I feel like this is my year.”

Clark Prep’s 11th grader, Macelina, kicks us off with this year’s Faces of FirstLine! Check back every week, or check us out on social media, for weekly Faces of FirstLine, updates, photos, and events.

“[I’m excited] to play with my friends.”

-Wheatley 1st Grader, Evelyn

“I’m so excited to learn…and maybe, we can make some cool stuff, or even make a potion!”

-LHA 3rd Grader, Ethan

“[I’m looking forward to] mastering the STEP 12”

-Green 4th Grader, D’Arrius

“I love the garden…it’s so life-like!”

-Ashe 4th Grader, Syjay

“[I’m excited] just to do better this year, get better grades- straight A’s!”

-Clark 11th Grader, Brad Lee

“[My favorite part about Wheatley is] Math. It’s really fun and easy to learn… because once a teacher teaches me, I can catch on in a day.”

-Wheatley 4th Grader, Melvin

“I like my teachers a lot…I’m excited for all the field trips and all the fun we have in class.”

-LHA 3rd Grader, Kamaren

“I’m excited about prom and graduation… I’m going ALL OUT this year… its the prom I gotta go big on”.        -Clark Prep 12th Grader, K’Lynn

“The thing I like about Fall is that we get [review] packets, because if I forgot something, I can remember it, and then I can do it!”

-Green 1st Grader, Myla

“Third grade is going to be fun… I’m excited for reading books!” -Ashe 3rd Grader, Daiden

“This year we have so many new enrichments and we get to choose stuff and we switch every so often… Wheatley is an opportunity, basically.” -Wheatley 7th Grader, Laila