Board of Directors

Brian P. Egana, Chair

Gregory St. Etienne, Vice Chair

Louise Hobson, Treasurer

Lawrence S. Kullman, Board Contact

Alison Hartman, PhD, Secretary

Monique Cola, PhD

George Freeman

Derius Harrell

Christian Rhodes

Michael Murphy

Charles West

Christy Slater

FirstLine Schools Executive Staff

Jay Altman, Chief Executive Officer
Joseph Neary, Chief Operating Officer

Sabrina Pence, Chief Academic Officer
Claudia Barker, Chief Development Officer

Board members can be contacted through the FirstLine Schools offices at 300 N. Broad Street, Suite 207, New Orleans, Louisiana 70119 or by emailing Brian P. Egana.

FirstLine Schools’ public records custodian is Rebekah Cain, Director of Operations.  She can be reached at FirstLine’s main number: 504-267-9038 or via email.