It’s time to plan for Summer!

Check out summer opportunities at FirstLine Schools for students and teachers.


Your child’s school will help you determine which program is the best fit.

Summer Program Dates are as follows:

  • Summer Academy at Green (for Green and Wheatley students): June 6th – 29th
  • Summer Academy at LHA (for LHA and Ashe students): June 6th – 29th
  • RELAY Summer Experience at Wheatley: June 6th – 29th
  • Summer Camp X at Wheatley: June 6th – 30th
  • Extended School Year Program at LHA: June 6th – 22nd
  • Kindergarten Camp at Ashe: June 6th – 30th


  1. Apply for positions in FirstLine’s Summer Programs by filling out this form.
  2. Are you interested in working in an exciting camp setting? Do you have an idea for a class you would love to offer? Do you want an opportunity to develop professional relationships with colleagues and with young people outside the traditional classroom? If so, submit a course proposal for Summer Camp X!