Firstline Schools

Langston Hughes Academy

Langston Hughes


Pre-K – 8


7:10am – 3:08pm


3519 Trafalgar Street

New Orleans, LA 70119

Front Office Phone

(504) 373-6251

Front Office Fax

(504) 267-9760

LHA Leadership

Carrie Bevans

School Director

Emily Hunyadi 

Elementary School Principal

Joey Stalzer

Middle School Principal

Elizabeth McReynolds

Elementary School Assistant Principal

Craig Elzy

Craig Elzy

Middle School Assistant Principal

Darren Joseph

Elementary School Dean of Students

Renata Mcclendon

Middle School Dean of Students

Joseph Tate

Special Education Coordinator

Allison McCallum

Allison McCallum

RTI Coordinator

Deinira Angelain

School Operations Manager

Langston Hughes Academy

#405 on the NOLA-PS Common Application Process (NCAP)

For school-based transportation concerns, please contact LHA School Operations Manager, Deinira Angelain at (504) 373-6251.

Who We Are
Langston Hughes Academy is a public charter school located in the Fairgrounds neighborhood of New Orleans. We teach pre-kindergarten through 8th grade.

The mission of Langston Hughes Academy is to provide all scholars with the knowledge, skills, and character traits necessary to succeed in high school, college, and the world beyond.


We are excited to work with a variety of individuals. We know that we can learn and grow from having diverse opinions and input on our team.
We respect one another, LHA and the greater New Orleans community. We are thoughtful and considerate in our actions and words.
We put forth maximal effort for all tasks. We work especially hard on those tasks that are difficult or challenging.
We are thankful for all that we are given and can offer others. We show our thanks by having good manners and being grateful.
We are inspired to work hard every day. We push ourselves and others to do our best work.
We know that hard work leads to success. We believe that whatever we put our mind to, we can achieve, and that we determine our own path.


Edible Schoolyard New Orleans

Edible Schoolyard New Orleans is a FirstLine Schools signature program that changes the way children eat, learn, and live. LHA features the DreamKeeper Garden, where students participate in gardening, cooking classes and animal husbandry through on-campus interactions with our goats, chickens, and more!

Visit for more information.


LHA is a member of the New Orleans Charter School Athletic Association. LHA scholars in grades 5 through 8, compete in flag football, baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and softball.


Our performing arts program includes classical guitar, piano, marching band, brass band, theatre, and dance classes. LHA has also partnered with KIDsmART to offer dramatic and visual arts programming to our scholars.


Our scholars embark on end-of-the-year lessons where they have the opportunity to visit college campuses, explore new places and ideas, and learn about our nation’s history. End-of-the-year trips include Fontainebleau State Park, Baton Rouge, Atlanta, Memphis, Little Rock, Panama City, and Washington D.C.!