FirstLine History Tour Video

In the early days of FirstLine, all new hires went on a bus tour in which our founders told the story of our first school, New Orleans Charter Middle School, and visited its various locations. We haven’t been able to do the tour for the past four years because of COVID and weather events. Our Communication team has created a video version of the FirstLine History Tour, featuring our founders, Jay Altman and Dr. Tony Recasner, along with veteran FirstLine educators and our school directors, telling the story of FirstLine’s pioneering work in education reform from 1993 through the present day. The piece serves as a history not only of FirstLine, but of the charter school movement in New Orleans, through the voices of the people involved. The piece is 52 minutes long, so get a snack and settle in to watch this mini-documentary about the FirstLine Family, of which you are a part!