Firstline Schools

DEI: Diversity Goals

Our 2022-23 Diversity Goals

Goal #1

Establish a clear definition of what diversity means at FirstLine Schools.

The intentional recruitment, hiring and retention of committed and high performing staff that reflect Firstline’s student demographics at all levels – supported by clear diverse staff hiring goals.

Goal #2

Have racial/ethnic diversity of staff that reflects the racial/ethnic diversity of New Orleans, measured in the following ways:

      • Entire Organization

      • Teachers

      • School leadership teams

      • Network office

      • Senior network leadership

Our students need to see people that look like them at all levels of the organization, and our students need to see people that look different than them. Our city is a diverse racial / ethnic community, and we believe it is important that our staff reflect our community.

Current Demographics of New Orleans

Racial Demographics of Firstline Schools employees

Goal #3

Increase LatinX staff by 10% by the 2023-24 school year and by 20% by the 2026-27 school year. Define recruitment strategies for LatinX staff, as well as school and network goals.

Our LatinX student population has grown, and the LatinX student population is growing in our city, per recent enrollment data. We value representation of our student population within our staff population, and we must ensure that our LatinX students are represented in our staff.

Goal #4

Refine FirstLine Schools compensation structure to increase equity practices in compensation.

We have recently completed a city-wide compensation study, and we now know where we are as compared to the market. Additionally, we want to define what we value related to compensation. We have received funding to do a deep dive into our compensation system.